Recommendations for Sustainable Water Management

In Swiss water management, political authorities now need to act. NRP 61 "Sustainable Water Management" is publishing a factsheet.

Rivers and streams do not follow political borders but a holistic approach to water management is mandatory if we are to achieve a sustainable use of water. For this reason, political authorities need to collaborate across communal and cantonal borders. The National Research Programme "Sustainable Water Management" (NRP 61) is publishing a factsheet - available in German, French and Italian.

At the beginning of November 2014, the recommendations emerging from the research projects and the synthesis products were presented for the first time to representatives from research, administration and private businesses at the closing conference of NRP 61 in Berne and a practice workshop in Solothurn. The factsheet summarises the key recommendations to decision makers in the areas of water management, spatial planning, agriculture and energy. One such recommendations is that all uses of water need to be considered when new water concessions are issued.

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