The 16 interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary project teams of NRP 61 ventured a holistic view of the future of water in Switzerland in the 21st century.

​In the years 2008 to 2014 researchers of various disciplines investigated scientific foundations and methods for a sustainable management of water resources in close collaboration with the practice. First implementation processes were started.

The four thematic syntheses address experts working for the federal government, cantons and practice. They collate the scientific results of the individual projects of NRP 61 and other studies with regard to key questions of NRP 61, bring together practice-oriented results and draw practicable conclusions on how water management could be made more sustainable.

The overall synthesis compiles the key findings and recommendations aimed at interested members of the public and politics.

A factsheet summarises the key recommendations taking into account also the discussions with practice and politics at the final meetings at the end of 2014.

For all research projects, short video clips “Insights” were produced. At the end of the programme, ten video clips followed which present an outlook on the topics "Melting glaciers", "Water resources of the future", "More frequent droughts", "Expanding urban developments" and "Water management". Researchers explain which results surprised them, how they worked with stakeholders and which implementation tools are available now. Stakeholders offer their opinion on the results and how they will integrate them in their work.

The key messages of NRP 61 are presented in an exhibition which can be hosted by trade fairs, museums and other institutions. It includes four stations where visitors can watch the NRP 61 videos Trailer, Insight and Outlook. The synthesis reports invite visitors to browse and read. (please register with the SNSF

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